How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Future Of Web Development?

By automating the web development process, web developers need to put less attention to basic cumbersome tasks and mainly focus on the value-adding aspects such as planning super user experience, formulating design strategy and other activities. In fact, human-machine collaboration is capable enough to transform the web.

1) Redefining web coding with “self-learning algorithms”

 Artificial intelligence can facilitate web programming too. It can perform various basic tasks like adding, updating the records to the database, predicting which bits of code are most likely to be utilized to solve a problem and utilizing those predictions to prompt web developers for adopting a particular solution.

2) Simplifying web development using AI virtual assistants

Let us take an example of Adobe Sensei with which you can automatically analyze the entries and recommend design elements to the user.These ranges from the automation of basic photo editing skills, such as trimming using image recognition techniques to the creation of elements in images that did not previously exist by studying the neighboring pixels.Hence, web developers now just need to focus on training a machine to think and act like a designer.

3) Harnessing web analytics for SEO with AI

SEO strategies depend to a large extent on the numerical crunch. Many web analysis tools are good, however, their potential is currently limited by the processing capabilities of humans who interpret that data for their websites.With the analysis and mining of data supported by AI, you can maximize the utility of a website’s metadata and other data and metadata generated by the user.

4) Automating complex requirement gathering & analysis

You can automate the process of collecting your client’s requirements and end-user stories without any human intervention by using a voice assistant or an AI-powered chatbot.

5) Providing superior end-user experience with AI web development

Chatbots with AI feed can take customer care and interaction to the next level. A simple rules-based chatbot responds only to specific predefined commands. A chatbot infused with AI, on the other hand, can simulate a real conversation by learning something new from each conversation and adapting the responses and actions accordingly. They can automate routine tasks and provide relevant information and services.

6) Putting testing & quality assurance on auto-pilot

By using AI algorithms, one can test the app itself with a minor human input. Based on historical data, they can predict the major parameters of software testing processes. They can also find fault patterns and amplify fault predictions with much higher efficiency than traditional quality control approaches.


So far we have seen the major ways by which artificial intelligence is improving web development. This has changed web development to intelligent application development, automated web design, highly proficient recommendation engines and much more. It is the AI which will make itself so indispensable to the web development ecosystem by introducing the intelligent web.

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