Tweet Via Facebook

Time is priceless. Time once lost cannot be retrieved. When it comes to website content and keeping an active social media profile across all of you social media accounts, it is time consuming. And, if you are not active any one of them, your online friends may start missing you. So, how about we help you with a little bit of automation between accounts in the form of cross-posting and syncing ? (Well, did we hear "It will be an excellent thing."??)

In this series of helping with "Social media", we will start with two most popular "Networking sites" - Facebook and Twitter. (Well, you are active in both sites, right? If not, become active right now by liking us on FB Page and following us on Twitter) We do understand your busy schedule in day-to-day and limited time available to make your presence felt in both these sites. How about we tell you that the FB posts from your Personal profile or the FB Page that you manage can be tweeted into the respective Twitter accounts without your intervention?? Well, thats not it.. Dont worry that you will need to follow some complex steps and do some coding in order to achieve it... Infact, it’s a piece of cake sync up your Facebook Page with Twitter. Here’s how to do it:Visit the link– If you have not already logged in to the corresponding Facebook account that manages your Facebook Page along the way, please do log in.

    1. You should be able to see the list - Your Profile and the Facebook Pages that you are managing. (Had you forgot few FB Pages that you were managing long long ago?? Do clean it up if needed as it will help in managing your FB profile in better manner going forward) Each of them will have a button alongside called "Link to Twitter"
    2. Click the button alongside the profile or FB page which you want to link with the corresponding Twitter account.
    3. Next, you’ll be taken to an authorization page on Twitter. Here, you’ll need to log into Twitter using the Twitter account credentials that you’d like to connect with Facebook. Enter the account login and press the “Authorize app”  button.
    4. After successfully authorizing the connection via Twitter, you’ll be redirected back to Facebook where you can select which portions of your Facebook Page you would like to have synced up with Twitter going forward. You can select from multiple options that include Status Updates, Photos, Events, etc. Finish up by selecting “Save Changes” and that’s about all there is to it. (That is kind of the most common step... Dont you think it was easy??)
    5. If you want to link the same Twitter account with multiple FB Pages, you can do it by follwoing the same steps.

From this point on, when you make an update on your Facebook Profile or Page, the updates will automatically be synced and reposted on your associated Twitter account. It will not only save time but also helps you keep your social media accounts active and out in front of your followers. And you just can’t beat that!

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