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What is the website all about?
We try to understand your idea and requirements for the website. We know that every website is unque and It’s just like how an animator would want to know what the director’s needs from him are … So, shall we discuss?

Finalize the design and the features

Based on your requirements, we will analyze and come up with the best options available that will suit your requirements. Out of those options, you can select the one which is closest to your heart.. We bet it will be a hard decision to make! We come to an agreement then, which is just similar to the kind of announcement made to proclaim that the production of a movie has begun!! Agreed? So lets shake hands on this then!

Monitor the progress and provide feedback

Would you not love to have an option to monitor the progress of your website development as it happens and provide feedback? Well, we give you that wonderful opportunity of watching the movie as and when a sequence is ready to know if you satisfied with the outcome. It is essentially keeping you posted on the updates.

Front Design

50 %

Backend Development

75 %


100 %

How to Track Progress?

We will provide you access to the under-development website, which you can navigate through as an end-user and see the progress. One advice though… Because you get this opportunity here with us, don’t expect the same from others – like your tailor or other providers !!

Final Approval and Site goes live

It is the release of the "Magnum Opus" Once you give your Go Ahead, we will make the website LIVE which will be responsive and well-tested !! We also hand over the documentation of the website and make sure the transition is smooth

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